Replica Luxury Watches-And Why You Should AVOID Them!


Cheap Replica Luxury Watches

Most of the cheap luxury replica watches you see online are worthless and should be avoided at all cost.  These watches are made primarily in two countries China and Taiwan. Now that’s not to say that these luxury replica watches are not being manufactured in other parts of the world, however 95 percent of them are made in these two countries. Why? The cost for parts and labor are tremendously cheaper then anywhere else. 

These luxury replica watches vary widely in cost – from $200 up to $1500 and the movements can be a simple quartz watch that requires a battery, all the way up to your most expensive type commonly referred to as an Italian or Swiss watch with a perpetual movement.

The higher price replica watches like your gold or well known brands usually sell at the upper price ranges.  The perpetual movements of these higher priced replica watches are claimed as using Swiss made ETA movements but this is a misleading statement to lore you in.

The cases usually will have a screw in backs similar to the real luxury watches you see on the market and can be opened using the various professional watch tools as well.

However the movements are generally marked incorrectly even though in some cases you may have marking on the back. The luxury replica watches are very convincing at first glance but upon further inspections and examinations of the inside components it will be very conclusive as to whether or not it’s genuine.

For the gold replica watch the color will clearly be unconvincing even though it may have a thicker plating to help prevent wearing. However the stainless steel models are much more obvious.

Lets Talk Replica Watch Weight

Replica PATEK PHILIPPE Aquanaut Gold Replica Luxury Watches And Why You Should AVOID Them!The weights of the replica watches are similar in some regards but certainly no where near that of an authentic luxury watch, especially on the gold watch time pieces. Some the replica watches claimed to water resistant and said to be water proof to a few feet.  This may or may not be true, but remember a very important point.  And that is. I would not recommend going diving in the watch and every time you get the replica watch wet its color coding will began to fade and tarnish.

Most of the higher end replica watches you see on the market today will have proper markings however the details and quality can still be detected with a loupe of 10x. The hands may even be the wrong size on some models. The illumination markers maybe alright but don’t expect them to last beyond a few years.

Certain models today offer the Cyclops magnification that is said to be 2.5 times but upon further inspection its usually 1.5 times so be careful of these replicas watches.

What Are Some Of The Replica Watch Markings?

The marking you see are pretty standard today but may still have the wrong or missing numbers on the bracelet, or clasp.  Bracelet watches may have links with screws that appear genuine but a closer inspection may detect quality in the threads. The engravings with serial numbers may appear authentic but with a close examination it will surely show poor engraving practices. Be very careful of these watches with numbers.

The luxury replica watches function overall will perform similar to that of a real authentic time piece and can even pass a visual inspection so be very cautious of these replicas.

Even the crowns and bezels will be more secure then the cheaper replica watches and the extra functional dials will usually be operational to some degree.  Overall life expectancy with proper care and maintenance is relatively ok, but no where near that of a genuine luxury watch.

One of the major problems you could possibly face when purchasing one of these highend luxury replica watches is a mix and match or swap job. This is where some of the parts are authentic and some are after market.

Similar to when you take your car into the automotive shop for repairs.  The parts are usually replaced with after market parts.  And there are 4 types you need to be concerned with.

These are:

  • Dealer or Manufacturers Parts
  • After Market Parts
  • Used Parts
  • Salvage Parts

Now in the case of the highend replica luxury watch market you have.

  • Manufacturers Authentic Parts
  • After Market Parts
  • Counterfeit Parts

Replica TAG HEUER Carrera Chronograph Tachymetre Red II Replica Luxury Watches And Why You Should AVOID Them!This swapping or mixing genuine with non- genuine parts or even counterfeit parts could and do happen.

Keep in mind that if you purchase a watch new or used and the watch was ever serviced make sure you obtain all the proper documentation prior to paying for it, and have that luxury watch properly inspected by a certified authentic watch dealer in your area. Paying $200 – $1500 for a luxury replica watch can be a high price to pay, only to find out later that you have been scammed.

The replica watches are very convincing, and my advice is to save your money and purchase from a quality jewelry retailer that you trust, and to steer clear of these replica watch dealers.

You can find these replica watch dealers online just by typing them in the Google’s search result and they’re everywhere waiting to SCAM you.  And some of them operate multiple sites so be careful.

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